Common Symptoms

Your Not Alone!

  • Stubborn Weight Gain

  • Depression

  • Stress/ Anxiety

  • Exhaustion/ Fatigue

  • Mood Swings

Meno Applause:

“I just completed Heather’s peri2 post menopause makeover challenge. I have to say I was astonished at how much I did not know regarding menopause. I am soon to be 71 and I believed my lack of sleep, weight gain and general lack of energy was due to my age. I did not realize ( as Heather explained ) that menopause lasts throughout your lifetime. Let me just say that Heather is one knowledgeable educator. The information for the challenge was presented in weekly modules which was an easy to digest delivery method. There is a ton of great information that I can go back and review when I choose to. Heather was always available should any questions or concerns arise. The reason I am writing this review today is because I respect and admire Heather so much. She is always learning and teaching and I appreciate her calm and informative style. Thank you Heather for a very worthwhile challenge! ”

Nancy J.

“Heather Chaney is extremely knowledgeable on this subject. She listens intently and identifies and explains what is going on in each individual. Heather works to identify what isn’t working properly and then sets out to fix it. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. I am so happy I took this challenge! Kathleen Donnelly. 2022"”

“I can't recommend Heather Chaney enough. She is helping women going through the crappy phase of life. I did her challenge and a HTMA test through her and she helped me go through my results , explained why I feel the way I feel, what I need to do to fix if, the supplements and minerals I need to take down to the milligram and was an overall support system. Her 6 week challenge is extremely information and makes you feel like your not alone. If your like me extremely frustrated because your body and mind have changed overnight, please reach out to her Kristen 2022"”

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